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Coastal Exploration Series Events in the ACE

The extensive ACE Basin includes thousands of acres of public lands and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Donnelley WMA, Bear Island WMA, the National Estuarine Research Reserve, the Hollings NWF and several smaller tracts offer visitors many opportunities to enjoy the unique ACE Basin.

Activities include hunting, fishing, boating, bird watching, hiking, bicycling, and all types of nature study. Public properties are open on most days of the year, with various activities carefully scheduled well in advance in avoid conflicts. Contact numbers in each section will allow you to check dates of scheduled activities.

Fall through spring generally provides the best weather for outdoor recreation with a minimum of biting insects.

Boating in the ACE

Canoe on ACE BasinWhether motoring or paddling, the ACE Basin’s three rivers and assorted tributaries offer one of the best ways to observe wildlife,and the area’s abundant natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching on ACE BasinDuring the winter, nesting bald eagles soar over all these areas. In the summer, ospreys fish in the creeks, and both Mississippi and swallow-tailed kites glide above the treetops. In spring and summer, tropical migrant songbirds sing from forested creek banks.

Driving the ACE

Driving on the ACE BasinAlthough the majority of the ACE Basin's 1.1 millions acres are in private ownership or accessible only by boat, several roadways probe the heart of the basin, offering glimpses of the area's varied habitats.

Hiking and Biking

Biking Trails on the ACE BasinThe area has designated nature trails and miles of dirt roads for hikers and bicyclists.


Fishing Lure coming out of WaterSaltwater and fresh water fishing. Freshwater fish for redbreast and largemouth bass is excellent.


Hunter on the ACE BasinHunting opportunities are available to the the public for white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, dove, small game and furbearers during a limited hunting season.