Hunting in the ACE Basin

The habitat diversity of the ACE Basin supports a wide range of game species. Dove, bobwhite quail, eastern wild turkey and white-tailed deer inhabit the upland forests and agricultural fields. Migratory and resident waterfowl including wood ducks, mallards, widgeon, gadwall and teal utilize the swamps and old ricefields. This abundance of wildlife supports a rich hunting heritage dating back to the days of the Colonial rice planters.Hunter

Thousands of acres in the Basin are devoted to wildlife management on both private and public lands. Access to private shooting plantations is usually by invitation only, but seasonal leases for deer and wild turkey are available. Local commercial operators also provide short-term packages.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management Areas and the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge provide access to more than 40,000 acres for public hunting. During designated seasons hunters may pursue deer, waterfowl, doves, quail, raccoons and small game . The annual SCDNR Hunting Rules and Regulations contains information about seasons and regulations.

For information about hunting on public lands contact the Donnelley Wildlife Management Area at
843-844-8957, or the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge at 843-889-3084.