Hiking and Biking the ACE Basin

Biking in the ACE BasinThe SCDNR Wildlife Management Areas have miles of dirt roads and dikes that are open for biking and hiking. These provide excellent opportunities for visitors to view wildlife. The designated tour routes on Donnelley and Botany Bay are suitable for mountain bikes and have interpretive stops along the route. Bicycles are allowed on forest trails and designated roads in the ACE Basin NWR. The dikes of Bear Island can be traveled on a mountain bike and offer good viewing opportunities for birds, alligators and other wildlife. Portions of the ACE Basin driving tour are excellent for bicycling. The 17 mile trip down Bennett's Point road is popular with many bicyclists. In the western portion a trip down Combahee Road is scenic. Cuckolds Landing is a convenient parking location for this trip. Another biking trip from Driving the ACE would be to park at Wiggins Boat landing on Wiggins Road and bike to Fields Point. This trip includes both pavement and sandy dirt roads.

As for hiking any of the dirt roads and dikes on the WMA's are great places to take a walk. There are hiking trails at Caw Caw, Dungannon, Edisto Beach and Hunting Island State Parks. The Boynton trail on Donnelley is a great 2 mile loop. Also a walk on Botany from the Ice House to Indian Point passes the Bache Monument and ends with a scenic view across the marsh. People should be mindful to obey the regulations on the Management Areas. While many public roads are lightly traveled in the ACE Basin, they do have traffic on them such as logging trucks, farm equipment and other vehicles. We urge caution for hikers and bikers when encountering one of these vehicles. Never assume the driver of one of these vehicles has seen you.