Boat Landings in the ACE Basin

The trail offers good fishing at several spots. A Marine Recreational Fisheries Stamp is required to fish from a private boat or to gather oysters and clams in this area.

Map of Boat Landings

Boat Landings within ACE Basin


Boat Landings
1. Beaufort County Landing 13. Highway 64 (Canoe Launch)
2. Line Canal (Canoe Launch) 14. Fee Farm (Canoe Launch)
3. Sugar Hill 15. Brickyard
4. Cuckolds Creek 16. Bennett's Point
5. Steel Bridge (Hwy. 17) 17. Martin Landing
6. Wimbee Creek 18. Westbank
7. Fields Point 19. Penny Creek
8. Cheehaw River 20. Willtown Bluff
9. Hwy. 303 (Canoe Launch) 21 Live Oak Landing
10. Joe's Fish Camp (fee) 22. Dawhoo Landing
11. Chessey Creek 23. Steamboat Landing
12. Price's Bridge  

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Beaufort County Landing Line Canal (Canoe Landing) Sugar Hill Cuckolds Creek Steel Bridge (Hwy. 17) Wimbee Creek Fields Point Cheehaw River Highway 303 (Canoe Launch) Joe's Fish Camp (Fee) Cheesey Creek Price's Bridge Highway 64 (Canoe Launch) Fee Farm (Canoe Launch) Brickyard Bennett's Point Martin Landing Westbank Penny Creek Willtown Bluff Live Oak Landing Dawhoo Landing Steamboat Landing